E Cigs can change your life. How do we know that? Because it has changed ours. Vapor4Life founder Steve “Smilin” Milin, was a lifelong chain smoker. He is the first to tell you that smoking was killing him. Steve changed his life by turning to e-cigarettes and the impact on his health and his outlook on life was dramatic. But while a pure cloud of vapor was a welcome change over filthy smoke—but the electronic cigarettes on the market were overly complicated and inconvenient to use.

Steve saw the uninspired options on the market as an opportunity to reinvent vaping with an innovative e-cig that would make vaping more convenient, more accessible, and more enjoyable than ever. The Original Vapor King, an e-cig made by vapers, for vapers, was an instant hit.

Steve’s love of vaping drives Vapor4Life to build a family of products that give customers the variety they deserve and the quality they expect in an e-cig. We’ve put in the time thoroughly testing battery prototypes and configurations to develop the most advanced personal vaporizer yet, the Wow Vapor Zeus. With the most color options, longest battery life and thickest vape available, the Wow Vapor Zeus has changed the way we vape every day.

But it’s more than batteries that have changed how we vape. We’ve assembled the largest selection of cart and e-liquid flavors on the market to appeal to any palate. As a former smoker, Steve knows the importance of e-cig flavor, so we make it our mission to give vapers the options to fit any preference, so you get the familiar flavor of your favorite tobacco product—or maybe something new.

Vapor4Life is a company of vaping enthusiasts. For us, it’s about getting together, sitting back, and taking a vape break. It’s about clean vapor, not harsh smoke. It’s about spending less and feeling better. It’s something we believe in. That’s why we’re fully committed to giving our vaping family the best e-cigarette experience around.

Our customer service team is on hand to answer any questions you have about ordering, e-cigs, flavors, everything. We love all things vapor and hearing from fellow vapers.

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